07 August 2013

ASOS: A Rekindled Romance!

I have recently rekindled my love for ASOS.com! This used to be my go-to online shop, but when they updated the site's navigation menu, I was under the impression that they had removed the Beauty section. I used to buy all my Christmas gifts from here, so I lost interest a little. Much to my surprise, I stumbled across a nail polish advertised as part of an outfit, then discovered the Beauty section was still there! Obviously I had to place a little order... More on that soon!
Anyway, it got me thinking; ASOS really is THE one-stop shop for Fashion & Beauty. With literally thousands of items available, from hundreds of different brands, there is so much choice! A huge positive with ASOS is their FREE shipping! I will definitely be spending more time on ASOS from now on.
Here is a collection of my top ASOS picks:

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