30 June 2013


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28 June 2013

The Skin You're In...

Above is my DAILY routine.
I have sensitive, combination skin - dry cheeks and oily forehead. I have to be very careful with choosing skincare products as many of them will burn & damage my sensitive skin. These are all of the products I have found that are suitable for my skin.

STEP 1: Cleanse with TBS Tea Tree Facial Wash
I use this in the shower along with my Eve Taylor Facial Cleansing Brush which massages & tones without stretching or dragging your skin.
STEP 2: Tone with TBS Tea Tree Facial Toner
I shake the bottle to activate the mattifying powders & apply to my face & neck with a cotton pad.
 STEP 3: Apply TBS Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel
I gently pat this gel around my eye area using my third finger as this gives a more delicate touch and doesn't drag the skin. You can even store this in your fridge for a more cooling sensation!
STEP 4: Pre-moisturise with TBS Vitamin E Moisture Serum
I apply this to the driest areas of my face to lock in moisture.
STEP 5: Moisturise with Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser
I apply this all over my face & neck. This acts as a good base for make-up.
STEP 6: Moisturise lips with Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy by Vaseline
I apply this to my dry lips a few times a day. I own the other Vaseline tins too but this is my favourite as it has a cocoa butter taste!

Above are the products I use less frequently.
1. Salcura Antiac Acne Clearing Spray
I use this at night, weekly or when I get spots, but you can use it daily. I spray directly onto my face and massage into my skin. Then I soak a cotton pad with the spray & wipe my face to cleanse the skin. Then repeat step one to leave skin full of natural active ingredients. This spray has a refreshing & tingly effect.
2. Collagen Gold Eye Masks
I use these weekly or less to brighten up my eye area. These eye masks are formulated with pure gold, bio-ingredients & active elements to instantly moisturise, re-hydrate & regenerate your eye area.
They can effectively relieve chronic fatigue, diminishes fine lines & crows feet and minimises dark circles & bags under your eyes. These really work! I notice a difference immediately.
After cleansing your face & eye area, apply under eye area & gently press to create a snug fit. You can leave it on for 15-20 mins.
3. TBS Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator
I use this every 4-5 days. Massage a small amount into wet skin using upward, circular movements then rinse with warm water.
I was worried about using a facial exfoliator on my dry skin but this is very gentle and subtle and has had no ill effects on my skin! It helps to cleanse pores and re-balance natural oils.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first beauty-related post. Please let me know if you also use any of the above products and what your views on them are.
I would be grateful for any tips on reducing redness in my face (mainly cheeks) & how to help reduce the oil produced on my forehead.

Many thanks!

25 June 2013

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